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Your health should not be a compromise

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On a daily basis we expose our bodies to a number of things that compromise our health and wellbeing. These may include:

With over 10 years of experience as a Kinesiologist and working within the field of nutrition, Lea's aim is to help you address these elements, so that you can achieve your goals and optimum health.

Lea holds the following certifications:

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Hear Lea tell you in her own words exactly what it is she does, and what she can do to help you achieve your goals.

Lea was a guest on the 'Fabulous Women' show on Brooklands Radio on the 16th October 2012. Click the logo above to listen to the interview.

Recent Testimonials

"I first saw Lea about three years ago, and she has used kinesiology to transform my health. For several years I had been feeling nauseous, was regularly shaky and tense, and physically stiff and tired. Lea identified dietary intolerances in one session, helped me improve my diet, and recommended supplements which have drastically improved my reaction to stress, reduced joint pain and made me more resistant to illness."

"I now feel healthy and in a much better position to cope with life's challenges. Lea is a great listener, generous with her time and always on hand when I need help. I still see her every three months or so to keep on an even keel and to nip problems in the bud. If anyone would like a personal recommendation, please feel free to ask Lea for my contact details." Lisa - December 2014

"I was recommended to Lea in December. After two weeks of following her advice my joint pain eased and the craving to eat gone. After a month I had dropped a dress size, had more energy and my stress levels lower- I will continue to follow her advice and eating plan, which is easy to follow. I now think 'Green' plate - Thank you Lea !" Alizon M - January 2015

"Lea is the most intuitive nutritional therapist I have ever come across. Having tried for many years to overcome a particular problem, and used many alternative therapists, it was only Lea who was able to find something that truly changes my life on a daily basis. Lots of people can train in the field but very few have that sixth sense to go beyond the obvious. Highly recommended." Sarah O - January 2015

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