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Bio Energy Therapy

Bio Energy energy flow

It has been scientifically proven that a bio-electromagnetic field surrounds every living thing, from a planet, human being, animal, tree, leaf down to a single cell.

The Origins of Bio Energy
It is believed that Bio Energy healing originated in China, India and Eastern Countries thousands of years ago. The Chinese know this energy as "Chi" and have formed theories of how the energy circulates around the body. The main energy flow is from the base of the spine to the top of the head and visa versa. Contained in this two-way energy flow, are seven major energy centres called chakras.

7 main Chakra's
A chakra is a centre of energy, found in the etheric body that directly relates to a location within the physical body. Their location in the physical body ties them specifically to certain organs and glands, and when they become imbalanced or blocked, it can adversely affect our health both physically and emotionally.

Using the heightened sensitivity of their hands, Bio Energy practitioners locate imbalances in the bio field and chakras, and then by using a series of hand movements, raise the vibration of the blocked energy enabling it to be drawn out of the chakras and cleared from the bio field. This allows energy to flow freely into the physical body, which facilitates the body's natural healing process stimulating the body to repair and regenerate on a cellular level.

What can you do to keep your Chakras balanced and your Bio-Energy field charged?!

Take a look at my helpful hints & tips - download the PDF now.

What to expect during a Bio Energy Session

Bio Energy energy flowClients are asked to stand for the beginning and the end of the session and for the rest of the time adopt a comfortable seated position. Clients remain fully clothed and will be asked to remove watches and jewelry.

Bio Energy energy flow

Everything that appears in the physical body is reflected in its energy field and vice versa. By eating healthily and absorbing a wide range of nutrients, maintaining good hydration, breathing fresh air, and allowing the mind to de-stress, an increased flow of energy will naturally occur and the result will be improved overall health.

Bio Energy is a powerful, yet non-invasive therapy that encompasses the mental, emotional, physical and energetic dimensions of our health concentrating on rebalancing the body’s natural flow energy.

Costs and Session durations

Clients are asked to commit to a minimum of four sessions to receive the full benefit of the therapy. Pricing for 4 sessions includes:

Cost for a course of 4 sessions is £160.

A recommended course of Bio Energy Therapy would include one session per week, over 3 consecutive weeks, followed by a final session 4 weeks later.
Alternatively, depending on the imbalances and the length of time the ailment or problem has been present, we may choose to work over 3 consecutive days followed by final session at the end of the week.

The Seven Major Chakra Centres

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'Chakra' is a Sanskrit word, which means ‘wheel’. The seven major chakras correspond to seven major organs and glands. Each exists as a swirling vortex of frequency, light and colour.

Find out how they relate to each other, and how they can influence your wellbeing.

Download my free PDF guide to the Seven Major Chakra Centres.

Book your consultation

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Call Lea, a qualified Bio Energy Therapist, on 07712 617730 to arrange your tailored consultation.

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