Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food

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You will be asked to complete a food diary and health questionnaire, designed to assess your health, symptoms, nutrient status, environment and lifestyle.

An individually tailored eating plan will be recommended, including diet, exercise, nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes to help support your biochemistry allowing your body to achieve optimum health.

BerriesYour key beliefs, objectives and motivational factors are identified and used to support long-term dietary and lifestyle changes.

The focus is on what can be eaten, enjoyed and achieved with clear, specific and obtainable targets.

Recommendations for diet, lifestyle, cooking, exercise and nutritional supplements are made to help you:

Chute Juice

Pricing for Consultation includes:

Cost for the above is £65.

A follow on appointment is recommended 2 weeks after the initial consultation, to discuss your progress and further recommended eating plans & lifestyle changes where required. This, and any further sessions, are priced at £45 per hour.

Holistic Nutrition

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Lea takes a holistic approach to nutrition. Making small changes to the food we eat can have a dramatic effect on our physical, emotional health and well being of our bodies.

The aim is to seek out the cause of distress and ill health, rather than just dealing with the symptoms and thus work with the person as a whole.

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Call Lea, a qualified Healthy Eating Advisor, on 07712 617730 to arrange your nutritional consultation.

If you would prefer to contact me via email, I'm at lea@balanceyourbody.co.uk and look forward to hearing from you.

Appointments are held at 58 Lammas Lane, Esher, Surrey KT10 8PD.